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Posted: Feb 4, 2005 13:36:32

can't get disk to download. disk goes fast then slow. could you tell me if disk is damaged. i just got camera

Posted: Feb 4, 2005 13:44:44

Your pictures are not downloading correctly to the computer? Is the USB port you are connecting to the computer good? If so, the camera could be damaged. I suggest trying to download the images to a different computer. If downloading the pictures is still problematic, it is most likely the camera is damaged.

Posted: Mar 17, 2005 22:29:41

omg same here...i'm trying to find a earlier version ov da stuff in the disk...da E drive wont read anything

Posted: Apr 15, 2005 14:46:08

I just got my digigr8, and the supplied battery was dead. so, I suggest putting a new battery in camra.

Posted: May 2, 2005 15:10:08

as soon as I put the cable into the camera it wipes out all the pix - help!

Posted: May 12, 2005 13:18:46

If anyone is still interested I have the drivers for this camera and I have found the manufacturer.

the model number is MDC-13S

and it can be found here:


They don't have the driver on their web page though.

My question for anyone out there is. Have any of you had trouble with he camera's battery? seems like I can use the camera only when it is plugged into the PC. If I use it on it's battery when I come to take the pictures form the camera they have been deleted.

any help would be appreciated and if you need the drivers let me know I will send it.


Posted: Jun 8, 2005 03:59:15 · Edited by: Admin

Hi I just got one of these and bought new batteries they seem to run out very quickly can anyone help or does this happen with them all

Posted: Jul 8, 2005 15:52:05

Hi Guys
I just bought a DigiGR8 CAMERA
Has anyone figured out how to adjust the shutter speed on this camera,ALLEDGEDLY VARIABLE FROM 1/15 TO 1/4000 SEC
The instruction book is about as useful as ***
If anyone can help
I would be extremely thankful

Posted: Oct 18, 2005 21:16:14

Liam A

I am interested in the driver for the DIGIGR8 DV-182F if anyone has it or knows where I can download it.

Batteries do run out quick.

I am having a problem getting the pics from the cameras internal memory to my pc. It won't connect and I'm thinking maybe the disc I have to install the driver is bad. Anyone have similar issues? Any suggestions?

Posted: Oct 24, 2005 22:26:22

help!!! I didnt use it for a couple of months and when i plugged it into thr pc,it took like 3 hours to load.
and now that its loaded the only thing on the screen is something like this.


off(without some of the sticks for the F?)

please help!!!

any answers please email to



Posted: Oct 29, 2005 17:52:17

I had problems at first. with batteries and downloading pics.
(mine didn't come with batteries) so i bought some extra stronge longlife ones and have had no probs.
I think that being blonde and not giving up on the problem with downloading the soft wear I WON..lol...hope you all have better luck by just keep trying and don't give up.

Posted: Oct 31, 2005 16:02:17

having trouble with mine too, just bought it and it won't work!! Tryed hooking up to comp and it comes up with msld or something like that!! Want it to work for frineds party, need help and place to buy rechargable batterys, cheers, frankie!

Posted: Nov 1, 2005 02:21:06

my digigr8[3.1 mega pixels software resolution
when i swich on picture[welcome]apears for 5 seconds then dissapers and icant get anything to work[menue sound vidio camera]screen is just blank have tried new batteries but nothing

Posted: Nov 8, 2005 20:44:35

i have a digi gr8 but when i click on dowload pictures it always says connection error ive tried everything! any sujestions??

Posted: Nov 9, 2005 22:34:19

Someone just asked me to check DigiGR8 for them. This is a credit card size and thin - the batteries are internal and I cannot see how to get at - from the terrible instruction book it implies it will charge up when USB connected - but red light comes on and never goes away - with the DSC(2770) installed I can see the camera and only thing that comes up is my Monitor as its bright I suppose
But the picture is awful

Does this think charge up and work away from the PC
Should I tell them to get their money back...Ron

Posted: Nov 29, 2005 20:02:49

My Digigr8 3.1 Mega Pixil works great all you have to do is make sure you install the drivers b4 you try to contect the camera and make sure it is also not set to PC Cam.

Posted: Jan 8, 2006 10:06:59

My digigr8 super slim creditcard 300k pixel camera wont take photos i dont know how to do it but i took some and than i dident know how to take some more so can u help because i dont have the instruction book
Email answers to T_T_rox@hotmail.com

Posted: Jan 14, 2006 21:16:55

I'm having the same problems as Thomas. My camera took a few pictures at first & seemed to work good when I downloaded them, now I can't figure out how to take anymore. All the pics have been deleted from the cam.

Posted: Jan 15, 2006 03:57:54

i connected my camera before installing the disc. then i later read that your not supposed to do that. what will happen now?
also i can only take photos while it is connected to the computer. (and they are really bad quality!)
please someone email me and help!
is there anyway of contacting the manufacture or something.

Posted: Feb 19, 2006 06:22:39

Do you have a memory card? If not, that may be why you can't take pictures. The camera may have internal memory. Try a 512 MB memory card or larger.

Posted: Feb 19, 2006 06:22:48

Do you have a memory card? If not, that may be why you can't take pictures. The camera may have internal memory. Try a 512 MB memory card or larger.

Posted: Feb 23, 2006 14:42:36

Can someone send drivers to Digigr8 digital camera 300k MDC-13S to


I broke my Drivers CD :(


Posted: Mar 6, 2006 09:00:18

I'll tell you what. Having read everyone's thoughts and problems with the camera, I'm quite glad that I didn't spend anything on mine. It seems I'm not the only one unimpressed by it's performance. To answer DSFS' question, when using windows XP, most devices can be installed without disks. However; these digigr8's of various models seem not to grant outside access to the necessary drivers. Connecting such a device before running the disk may permenantly hinder the computers ability to read the devise. Recommendation: If your computer is not very full, run the restore disk to wipe your harddrive clean. Otherwise, count your losses and try a new camera of a different make and model.

Posted: Mar 13, 2006 05:45:48

Just got a Digigr8 DV182 can't download the pics & video to pc via USB cable. can someone PLEASE HELP!!!
Also when connected to pc, I can't put anything on, or of the biult-in portable drive.
P.S.- Instruction book is CRAP!!!!!!
If anybody can help, PLEASE contact Andrew at- ahc@smartchat.net.au

Posted: Apr 1, 2006 13:05:13

ok. I need help. With thisl ike DIGIGR8 300k Pixels do I cahrge the batery while its on. or while its off. casue the manual thingy doesnt say about that subject so ya if n e one could help me tha'd be great. thankz bye

Posted: Dec 14, 2006 19:18:46 · Edited by: nashi

hi, i am interested in the driver for the digital camera MDC-13S.
could someone please send me the driver to shani_lo@hotmail.com

thank u so much

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