tekgems on February 5th, 2010

sometimes hange is hard, especially if you don’t see it as an improvement. our local bank changed the paint stripes to have cars park a new way. unfortunately the new painted signs are not working.

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This is a great invention for anyone needing mobile credit card authorizations. Whether it be restaurants, flea market sellers, etc. Any time you are at a restaurant, you don’t want your credit card to wander off too far. Now they don’t have to. On second thought, since you can’t tip with this thing, it might […]

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If you don’t mind “tinny sounding” call quality and want free, there are ways to use a free service. These things tend to disappoint me as I look for quality over cost when it comes to call quality, but for quick conversations, this is an economical solution in today’s environment: In a test, iCall was […]

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Its nice to see that there are buyers out there that are still honest and are willing to work with sellers when a mistake happens. Seller can’t understand me! HELP!! in Community Help Boards in Community. : “I explained that an item was shipped to me twice and that I have wanted to pay the […]

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tekgems on February 1st, 2010

Thunderbird – It’s All Yours: “Thunderbird 3 Now with tabs, better search, and email archiving.” ThunderBird 3.0’s index and search feature is very usable now. I’m glad you listened to feedback and made the changes. As others have said, calendar and contacts is not great, but a strong e-mail client perhaps as a backup client […]

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