tekgems on March 25th, 2009

>USPS To Close Six District Offices: “The U.S. Postal Service, which has been searching for cost-cutting measures since its $2.8 billion loss in fiscal 2008, announced March 20 plans to close six of its 80 district offices. In addition, other positions will be eliminated nationwide and many more will be offered early retirement, resulting in […]

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>eBay's new feedback policy: no real feedback – Ars Technica: “Last week, eBay announced the first significant changes to its feedback policy since the site launched over a decade ago. In order to clamp down on the practice of tit-for-tat feedback, eBay will begin preventing sellers from leaving negative feedback on buyers. The change is […]

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>eBay Removes Seller-Exposure Restriction on Search Results: “eBay said it would be posting an announcement at 9 am Pacific time today letting sellers know it was removing a restriction on Best Match search exposure. eBay currently limits the number of listings from a single seller to ten per page in Best Match search results (unless […]

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>Did anyone notice the announcement of Google Voice came immediately after the end of eBay’s Analyst Day? This is corporate war fare at its best! Google Voice will be gunning for SKYPE hard! In many ways, I see a lot of paralells between Paypal Google Checkout, and Skype Google Voice. All of Google’s service take […]

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