tekgems on October 29th, 2008

>We proudly use StoneEdge Order Manager for multi-channel integration with our web store (AmeriCart/CartServer), eBay (eBay Blackthorne), and Amazon. Taking Stock of Inventory Management – BusinessWeek: “To track his inventory, Carroll uses software from Stone Edge Technologies that tells employees the location of any item in his warehouse. When an item is picked off the […]

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>This is pretty exciting news that XBOX 360 owners can now stream HD movies from Netflix if they have a subscription. Netflix is already a very cool service and they are making an excellent leap into downloadable movies. My only concern is the movie quality they will be able to stream and if Netflix can […]

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>I like to call this the “Elmo Effect”. This will be a good opportunity for eBay to get “hot items” to the site by giving sellers incentives (discounted listing fees and/or Final Value Fee [FVF]). To make comparisons with Amazon, this would be the same as being able to source and stock hot selling items. […]

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tekgems on October 28th, 2008

>Shoppers that want to maximize their dollars will look buy online this holiday for better value. The web has always been a source of low prices, but as customers expect better service and convenience as well – it will be a battle of offering low prices (not necessarily the lowest) with good service that customers […]

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>I know many of our customers like to modify their XBOX 360 with new DVD-ROM drives, or replace their broken ones with a working drive. Those that like to tinker, probably like to enhance their boxes to also become a useful media center box. Featured Windows Download: PlayOn Adds Hulu and Others to Your Xbox […]

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tekgems on October 28th, 2008

>Unless you are a traveler, I don’t see the point in mapping out where your local movie theaters are. You will most likely know already. For me movies.yahoo.com is still the best in terms of speed and usability. Yahoo! may be behind in search, but Yahoo! does well in building usable products. Movies: Map Local […]

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> Google Checkout shopping cart has made a few improvements in other systems I’ve seen. Adding a cart bring up a shopping cart in the upper right corner. Changing the quantity automatically updates the shopping cart information. If you do not view the cart for a time, it will automatically minimize. Official Google Checkout Blog: […]

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tekgems on October 28th, 2008

>InternetRetailer.com – Daily News for Tuesday, October 28, 2008: “The term “ebay” was searched for more than 16 million times in September, leaving “target” at 2.9 million and “amazon” at 2.7 million in the dust.” I never understood why web surfers do not enter ebay.com directly into their browsers, or type ebay then ctrl-enter in the address […]

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> No need to brag about the most pages indexed on the web, when you have unique off web content like Books that you can index and search. I think Amazon has a better plan because I think they will leverage their book reader and, at some point, sell digitized books via their Reader instead […]

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>Makes sense right? Buying locally reduces your cost of inbound shipping as well as minimizing pollution when you buy locally instead of 3,000 miles away. E-Commerce News: SCM: The Green Supply Chain: Cutting Out Weak Links For many companies, the supply chain is a target of increased scrutiny as enterprises search for ways to save […]

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