tekgems on May 23rd, 2007

>I prefer Wireless Range Expanders over to PowerLine options. PowerLine requires at least two device to get a working setup. But a Range Expander can operate successfully with just one unit. Houses with old wiring are also susceptible to poor performance or non-performance of PowerLine devices. You try to create a PowerLine network in an […]

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tekgems on May 23rd, 2007

>A new feature of UPS WorldShip 9.0 is its Delivery Intercept feature. The shipper, for a $10 fee per package, can request an intercept while the package is in transit. You can choose from the following options: 1) Return to shipper2) Redirect to another address3) Hold for pickup or future delivery This is an excellent […]

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tekgems on May 19th, 2007

>Option #1 – Increase the number of customersOption #2 – Increase the frequency of purchaseOption #3 – Increase the number of units sold

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