eBay removed eBay Store listings at the end of search results from the main site because: 1) Less revenue per listing. eBay seems to be focused on the raw number of listings, rather than successfully ended listings. The low fee of store listings ($0.02 to list for 30 days, plus $0.01 for gallery for 30 […]

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tekgems on April 18th, 2006

>I wonder why they did not mention Windows 2000. That is actually a better upgrade from Windows 98 or 98SE than XP. Windows 2000 runs better on older hardware which what most of these 98/98SE machines will be.

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>I want my web site to work with both browsers. I also want plug-ins to work without having to install anything. If you run video clips, consider using Flash that can play videos instead of requiring users to have RealPlayer or Windows Media Player.

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tekgems on April 15th, 2006

>Those of you still dily-dallying around your taxes. I recommend consulting with a tax agent. I love mine in San Francisco, Tax Matters. How to categorize your expenses, keeping reciepts, and records is so important. I know I’m not the most organized person, but with patience and perserverance, even you can be diligent about record […]

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>One of my customers ordered a pentium 4 socket 478 retention module. Can’t go wrong with such a low price.

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tekgems on April 12th, 2006

>eBay’s Bid For Impatient Shoppers: “Available via a link from eBay.com, the new service will be more like Amazon.com (AMZN ) and other online retail sites, offering largely new merchandise ranging from books and DVDs to apparel and electronics. Customers will pay with a credit card or an account with eBay’s PayPal online payment unit.” […]

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tekgems on April 12th, 2006

>My favorite auction manager TimberCreekSoftware.com SOLD V is not listed on there, but the article does haev a good break down of auction software and services available to help your online business.

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>Shopping comparison enginse are not all the same. Many commreicial comparison engines rely on businesses to submit a data feed to them and those businesses pay per click if a customre clicks through. A rather old model without a way to pay for conversion instead, but that is how most are. Only those that have […]

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>Yikes! It would be foolish to try hide money as an online seller since everything we do is trackable. But still, it always creeps me out when I read about government entities having access to more of your personal information.

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>Best Buy to stock shelves with ThinkPads | CNET News.com – I am curious to see what the Lenovo laptops will be like. IBM ThinkPads were made like tanks and always felt like a solid machine. They also designed the rubber knub (mouse) properly. Can’t say I was ever impressed with an IBM desktop. They […]

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