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USB to DB25 Female Parallel Printer Cable Adapter

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The USB to DB25 Female adapter allows you to connect existing reliable printers (e.g. HP) to use with new computers (desktops, notebook, etc) that do not have have a parallel port but does have a USB port. For most customers, customers extend their existing printer cable (which has a DB25 Male ending) and connect to the DB25 Female end of this cable. Then the USB cable connects to their computer. The DB25 Male connector has 25 pins arranged in two rows one on top of the other. The top row has 13 holes and the bottom row has 12 holes.

Specifications :
  • Length is 4 to 6 feet depending on factory run.
  • Connects USB port to DB25 port
  • Truly Bi-directional communication between PC and printer
  • Instantly adds a DB25 female port to your USB equipped PC or laptop
  • Fully Plug and Play compatible
  • Support over 1Mbps data transfer rate
  • USB A connector to DB25
  • USB specification revision 1.1 and 2.0 compliant
  • USB bus powered
  • Low power consumption

Requirements :

  • IBM Compatible PC
  • Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP and now Vista!

Retail Package Content:

  • USB to DB25F cable
  • Driver CD for Windows 98
  • Our special custom designed installation guide (the one on the CD is poorly written)


  • I have a HP printer that has a Mini Centronics 36 on it, will this cable work?

    Yes, continue using the cable you currently own. Since your desktop or laptop does not a DB25 female port, you buy this cable and plug your old printer cable into it.

  • Can I use with cable with my security dongle for my sewing machine?

    No, you will require a true parallel port card - for desktop a PCI Card or for laptop a CardBus or ExpressBus Parallel Port card. They run about $30 each.

  • Will my printer work with this cable?

    That depends. First, you must check with your operating system to see if your printer is supported. For example, in XP you would go Start, Control Panel, Add Printers to see if your Brand and Model is listed. If not, you would check with the printer manufacturer to see if printer driver software exists for your operating system. Very old printers may not be supported in Vista. In this case, buying this printer would still result in a non-working printer. If your printer is supported for the operating system you are using, you can buy this printer cable extender.


Question: Will this work with an all-in-one, like the HP LaserJet 3015 AIO?

Answer: The printer portion will work since the cable behaves like a USB Virtual Printer Port. It is not a true parallel port, so functions like SCAN and FAX that originate from the PC/laptop will not be possible. You can still FAX from the all-in-one or even COPY since using the all-in-one in this way does not involve the computer. If you want to SCAN and FAX from the PC/laptop you will need to spend more money and buy PCI computer card with a parallel port or a CardBus laptop card with a parallel port for full compatibility with All-In-One devices.

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