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3Com 56K GSM V.90 16-bit PCMCIA Modem w/XJack 3CXM556

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New, PC Card Only.
30 Day Warranty.

** 3Com Megahertz 56K Global GSM Modem 16-Bit PCMCIA Card **

Travel the world and stay on-line with the 3Com Megahertz Global GSM 16-bit PCMCIA modem. Purchase a very reliable modem from 3Com that will work in many operating systems, including DOS!

This 16-bit PCMCIA card delivers fast 56K data transfers over land-line and supports v.90 and x2 standards. The XJack
connector eliminates the need for extra cables or jacks, ensuring
long-term convenience and reliability. Digital Line Guard
alerts when hooking up to potentially damaging digital or
PBX phone lines. Hot swapping allows you to switch PC Cards
without rebooting or exiting Windows. The Global GSM
PC Card supports tone dialing, rotary dialing, and
full duplex transmission. Because it is software
upgradable, it easily accomodates the latest standards and

General Features
- 16-bit PCMCIA type II card
- 56K data transfer rate
- 14.4Kbps fax transfer rate
- v.90 ready
- Hayes AT command set
- Plug and Play
- GSM cellular enhancement protocol
- XJack connector
- Protective jewel case
- Supports tone dialing and rotary dialing

Supported Analog Modulation Protocols
- ITU V.21
- ITU V.22
- ITU V.22bis
- ITU V.29
- ITU V.32
- ITU V.32bis
- ITU V.34
- ITU V.90
- ITU Group 3 Fax
- ITU V.17
- ITU V.23
- ITU V.27ter
- x2

Error Correction Protocols
- MNP-4
- MNP-2
- MNP-3

Data Compression Protocols
- MNP-5
- V.42bis

Package Includes
- 3Com Megahertz 56K GSM PC Card Modem

* Microsoft DOS
* Microsoft Windows 3.x/95/98
* No drivers needed for Windows 2000 and XP (built into OS)
* Available PCMCIA type II slot

Driver Download:


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