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Blackberry miniUSB Travel Wall Charger ASY-07965-004

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New, Plain Box
30 Days Warranty

Chargers are brand new and come in individual boxes.

The wall charger is compatible with the following items, but not limited to: BlackBerry 5820, 6210, 6230, 6280, 6220, 6510, 7100g, 7100i, 7100r, 7100t, 7100v, 7100x, 7105t, 7130c, 7130e, 7130g, 7130v, 7210, 7230, 7280, 7250, 7270, 7290, 7510, 7520, 8700, 8700c, 8700g, 8700r, 8700f, 8700v, 8707v, 8703e, 8800, 8830, Curve 8300, Pearl 8100

It should be compatible with the following as long the phone has the same mini USB connector that Blackberry uses: BLACKBERRY: 5790, 6510, 5810 Series 5810, 5810 Series 5820, 6200 Series 6210, 6200 Series 6220, 6200 Series 6230, 6200 Series 6280, 6700 Series 6710, 6700 Series 6720, 6700 Series 6750, 7100 Series 7100g, 7100 Series 7100i, 7100 Series 7100r, 7100 Series 7100t, 7100 Series 7100v, 7100 Series 7100x, 7100 Series 7105t, 7130 Series 7130c, 7130 Series 7130e, 7130 Series 7130g, 7130 Series 7130v, 7200 Series 7210, 7200 Series 7230, 7200 Series 7250, 7200 Series 7270, 7200 Series 7280, 7200 Series 7290, 7500 Series 7510, 7500 Series 7520, 7700 Series 7730, 7700 Series 7750, 7700 Series 7780, 8700 Series 8700, 8700 Series 8700c, 8700 Series 8700f, 8700 Series 8700g, 8700 Series 8700r, 8700 Series 8700v, 8700 Series 8703e, 8700 Series 8705g, 8700 Series 8707g, 8700 Series 8707v, 8800 Series 8800, 8800 Series 8820, 8800 Series 8830, Bold 9000, Curve 8300, Curve 8310, Curve 8320, Curve 8330, Pearl 8100, Pearl 8110, Pearl 8120, Pearl 8130

MOTOROLA: A1200, MING, A Series A1000, A Series A388, A Series A630, A Series A668, A Series A688, A Series A732, A Series A780, A Series A830, A Series A835, A Series A840, A Series A845, A Series A860, A Series A910, A Series A920, A Series A925, C Series C115, C Series C139, C Series C155, C Series C168i, C Series C257, C Series C261, C Series C290, C Series C305, C Series C330, C Series C331, C Series C332, C Series C333, C Series C336q, C Series C341c, C Series C343, C Series C343cr, C Series C350, C Series C353, C Series C357, C Series C359q, C Series C370, C Series C380, C Series C381p, C Series C385, C Series C390, C Series C650, C Series C651, C Series C975, C Series C980, E Series E1000, E Series E1070, E Series E310, E Series E380, E Series E398, E Series E550, E Series E680, E Series E680i, E Series E815, E Series E816, KRZR K1, KRZR K1m, KRZR K3, L Series L2, L Series L6, MAXX V3, MAXX V6, MAXX Ve, MPx Series MPX 200, MPx Series MPX 220, MPx Series MPX 300, PEBL Series U6, PEBL Series V6, Q Series Q, Q Series Q2, Q Series Q9c, Q Series Q9m, RAZR V3, RAZR V3a, RAZR V3c, RAZR V3e, RAZR V3i, RAZR V3m, RAZR V3r, RAZR V3t, RAZR V3x, RAZR V3xx, RAZR 2 V8, RIZR Z3, RIZR Z6, RIZR Z6tv, RIZR Z8, SLVR L7, SLVR L71, SLVR L7c, SLVR L7e, SLVR L7i, SLVR L9, SLVR V8, V Series V1050, V Series V120, V Series V120c, V Series V120e, V Series V120t, V Series V120x, V Series V150, V Series V170, V Series V171, V Series V173, V Series V176, V Series V180, V Series V186, V Series V186q, V Series V186r, V Series V188, V Series V190, V Series V195, V Series V197, V Series V200, V Series V220, V Series V2261, V Series V2267, V Series V2282, V Series V230, V Series V235, V Series V260, V Series V262, V Series V265, V Series V266, V Series V276, V Series V300, V Series V303, V Series V303p, V Series V323, V Series V325, V Series V330, V Series V360, V Series V361, V Series V3620, V Series V365, V Series V3682, V Series V400, V Series V500, V Series V501, V Series V505, V Series V510, V Series V525, V Series V535, V Series V540, V Series V545, V Series V547, V Series V550, V Series V551, V Series V555, V Series V557, V Series V560, V Series V60, V Series V600, V Series V60c, V Series V60ci, V Series V60i, V Series V60ic, V Series V60p, V Series V60q, V Series V60s, V Series V60t, V Series V60x, V Series V620, V Series V635, V Series V65p, V Series V66, V Series V70, V Series V710, V Series V80, V Series V810, V Series V8160, V Series V8162, V Series V872, V Series V975, V Series V980, W Series W220, W Series W315, W Series W385, W Series W510, W Series W755

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