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3com 3CCM556 56k Modem PC Card w/ AC820

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New In Clear Case.
30 Days Warranty

The card is new in a clear hard case (original card packaging) with new 56k AC820 cable.

Model: 3CCM556

This card is automatically recognized in Windows 2000 and XP with the built-in drivers. This means you just plug it into the laptop slot and you're ready to go. Drivers for older operating system is available here: http://www.modem-drivers.com/drivers/59/59553.htm


Manufacturer3Com Corporation
Model number3CCM556
Countries supportedAmericas
ArchitecturePCMCIA card
Card and Socket Services supportedversion 2.1 or higher
Network operating systems supportedMicrosoft Windows® 3.1x, Windows 95, Windows NT® 4.0, DOS


Asynchronous Character FormatUp to 10 bits, including data, start, stop and parity bits
Asynchronous Data RatesTransmission rate fall-back through 300bps
Compatible Public Switch Network Jacks

RJ11W, RJ41S, RJ11C

Dialing CapabilitiesTone and rotary pulse
Line RequirementsPublic switched telephone network including international connections
V.90/x2: one D/A conversion
Operating ModesAsynchronous
Automatic and manual call originate
Automatic and manual call
Pulse Dialing Rate

10 pulses per second
Pulse dialing duty cycle:
39/61% (US)

Receive Sensitivity-45 dBm
Ringer Equivalence0.5B
Tones Detected

Dial, busy, ringback, and modem answer tones
Blind dialing based on timeout periods is available for incompatible tones


Card size3.375" x 2.125"
Weight1.2 oz.


Power requirements

390 mA

  • connected
    35 mA
  • sleep mode

  • Environmental



    0 to 70C (32 to 155F)


  • -25 to 125C (-13 to 257F)
  • Altitude
  • Up to 20,000 ft.
  • Humidity
  • 10% to 90% noncondensing

  • Protocols and Standards

    Fax standards

    ITU-T V.17
    ITU-T V.21 Channel 2
    ITU-T V.27ter
    ITU-T V.29
    ITU-T Group III
    EIA Class 1
    EIA Class 2.0

    PCMCIA Standard Compliant



    Error Correction/Data Compression
    ITU-T V.42
    ITU-T V.42bis
    ETC (cellular models only)
    MNP levels 2-5


    What's the difference between the 3CXM556 and this card, 3CCM556? The 3CCM556 requires a 56k cable to plug into the phone jack. The 3CXM556 has the phone jack built into the card.

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