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3com Megahertz AC857S Ethernet Dongle

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Very difficult to find 10BaseT Ethernet Dongle ("don-gull") cable for the 3Com/Megahertz CCEM and XJEM Series.

One end is a 15-pin connector which attaches to your PC Card on the laptop. The other end is a RJ45 female which will fit a RJ45 male Ethernet cable (see picture 3). Cable length is a little over one foot. Below are some models this cable has been tested on. Although not fully tested, this should work fine with the rest of the CCEM and XJEM series. We believe this is just the black colored version of its white counterpart AC894S:

CCEM Series

  • CCEM3288C,
  • CCEM3288T,
  • CCEM3336,
  • CCEM3336C,
  • CCEM3336T
XJEM Series
  • XJEM1144C,
  • XJEM1144T,
  • XJEM3288C,
  • XJEM3288T,
  • XJEM3336

Note: Cable is also known as JX AC855, JXAC855, JX AC 855, AC894

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