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3CCFEM556-DAA-CBL Dial-Up Modem Dongle Cable 3CCFEM556B

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30 Days Warranty

As of 15 October 2002 , 3com is longer manufacturing this part. This specific model was extremely difficult for us to locate. The cable is designed to be used with 3CCFEM556 and 3CCFEM556B models for dial-up modem use. The dongle is used for dial-up modem 56k modem use. The front part (15-pin connector) inserts into the top port of the PCCard if you are facing the PCCard. There two female ports are for regular telephone line (RJ11) connectors. The bottom port (blue square icon) connects to the phone jack. The port on top (telephone icon) connects to your phone. Your PCCard is a pass-through connector when you are not using the Internet. This means you can have calls ring through to your telephone without rearranging your wiring.

Substitution Part Numbers:

  • AC927
  • AC899
  • For PCCards that are Ethernet/56k Combo, the ethernet dongle part number is 3c-pc-tx-cbl or 07-0337-002

Auto Answer Off

  • Please note that you should turn off the ring answer on your PCCard if you do not want the modem to answer.
  • Send the AT S0=0 command to switches off Auto Answer Mode on the modem.

Other Uses

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