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3com dongle cable 07-0337-002 for 3CCFE574BT 3CCFEM556B

Product No: 21439

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New, Pigtail Dongle Cable Only.
30 Day Warranty.

This 3com dongle cable keeps your computer laptop chugging away. Sure you could buy a different laptop card, but you can save time and avoid the hassle of installing new hardware. Just get a new cable for your laptop card and you are back in business. We recommend you get two cables so you can keep working if the first one breaks.

This cable is for the 10/100 Ethernet port of the PC Card on the following models:

  • 3C574,
  • 3C575,
  • 3C575-TX,
  • 3C3FE574BT,
  • 3CCFE574BT,
  • 3CCFE575BT,
  • 3CCFE575BT-D,
  • 3CCFE575CT,
  • 3CCFE575CT-D,
  • 3CCFEM556B,
  • 3CCFEM656,
  • 3CCFEM656B,
  • 3CXFE575BT,
  • 3CXFE575CT,
  • 3CCSH572BT,
  • 3C574TX,
  • 3X575TX,
  • 3CCFE574BT,
  • 3CCFE575BT,
  • 3CCFEM556B-AP,
  • 3CCSH572BT,
  • 3CXFEM656,
  • 3CXFEM656B,
  • 3CXFEM656C

    This 3com dongle cable is not compatible with: 3C589C EtherLink II (older PC Cards that accomodate coax), XJEM3336 (USRobotics Megahertz 33.6 Ethernet Modem)

    For a complete compatibility list, please visit the 3com support site: http://support.3com.com/infodeli/inotes/techtran/4742_5ea.htm

    In the event we are out of 07-0337-002, you may receive the 07-0408-000, 07-0437-000, or 07-0396-000 instead. They all work the same -- they only look slightly different from each other.

    Troubleshooting Tips:

    • Even though my model card is listed above, the dongle cable does not fit in the card. The most common reason for the dongle cable not fitting is due to an obstruction inside the jack of the PC Card. This usually happens if the dongle was accidentally pulled off in a harsh manner. Use tweezer or any object with a fine metal point to remove the obstruction.
    • I bought this cable, but my 56k modem does not work. Some PC Cards have both 56k and LAN capabilities. This cable is designed for LAN (e.g. DSL, Cable Modem, etc). only. If you want to use your card for 56k dial-up modem use, a different cable must be purchased (specific cable depends on your card model).

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