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WildGame Innovations 6 volt digital power control unit- Digital ti

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Wild Game Innovations, Novelty & Decorator, Toys and Gifts
UPC: 616376900006

UnitWt: 3.5 lbs.

- WildGame Innovations 6 volt digital power control unit
- Digital timer
- Power control unit
- Motor
- Spinner plate
- Housing
- Mounting hardware
- Extremely large, easy to view liquid crystal display - 1.125" tall x 2.5" wide
- Exclusive battery charge level icon provides real-time battery charge status
- Large "test" button allows the user 10 seconds to clear out of the dispersal area (operates at the run time duration andn RPM settings for Feed Time 1)
- Stand alone "reset" button returns the unit to its factory installed default settings while simultaneously running a self-diagnostic test on all the functions
- Four (4) available daily feed times, each programmable from 1 to 20 seconds per feeding
- Adjustable (lo / med / hi) motor speed control
- Exclusive timer "jam" and "short" protection and respective error messages
- Includes in-line fuse protection to help guard against power supply overloads
- Battery not included - recommended to be used with a rechargeable type battery for performance in all climates


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