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Wildgame Innovations Mimic HD electronic call- 40 Game calls prelo

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Wild Game Innovations, Novelty & Decorator, Toys and Gifts
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UnitWt: 1.25 lbs.

- Wildgame Innovations Mimic HD electronic call
- 40 Game calls preloaded
- Quiet in the field - rubber coated
- Trigger activated calls
- Preloaded calls easy to access
- Directional delivery of sound
- High quality, powerful speaker
- Clear, concise navigation of call categories
- Fingertip volume controls
- Blue backlit LCD display
- Battery charge level indicator
- Blue jay, bobwhite quail, catbird, pileated woodpecker, bobcat female distress, coyote bark, coyote female challenge, male communicative, coyote pup 3 weeks distress, coyote pup grooup howl, crow adult distress, crow alarm, crow baby distress, gray fox distress, red fox baby distress, javelina adult distress, javelina young distress, pig adult distress, pig baby distress, deer mouse squeak, vole mouse squeak, barred owl distress, owl hoot, owl scream, cottontail distress, jackrabbit distress, pigmy cottontail distress, raccoon baby and adult fight, raccoon baby distress, raccoon adult distress, fox squirrel distress, red squirrel distress, squirrel bark and wine, buck fight, buck growl, buck grunt, buck snort wheeze, dow estrus bleat, fawn bawl


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