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Phone line poweredNon-volatile E 2 memoryCompatible with To

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Viking Electronics, Installation Equipment, Viking Accessories

UnitWt: 0.15 lbs.

-Phone line powered
Non-volatile E 2 memory
Compatible with Touch Tone or rotary phones, etc
.5 to 49.5 minute call timer with disconnect
Programmable allow or restrict table stores up to forty 12-digit phone numbers, prefixes or area codes
6 digit bypass code for single call override
Programmable to ignore phone system line access numbers
Programmable ignore table stores up to twelve 12-digit phone numbers
Programmable maximum digit string length
Concealed in a standard RJ11C jack
Allow or restrict 1-800 numbers
Operational alert tones
Allows emergency and toll free numbers
Made in the USA
One year warranty

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