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Includes (1) SA-IR infrared remote control- Easy to install-

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Viking Electronics, Installation Equipment, Viking Accessories
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UnitWt: 3.85 lbs.

- Includes (1) SA-IR infrared remote control
- Easy to install
- Drive up to 25 self amplified speakers
- Separate volume controls for auxiliary input, paging, ringing tones, and background music
- Choose from up to 4 loud ringing sounds
- Provides lound ringing or night bell
- Night transfer switch input
- Page from a ringing C.O. line, centrex line, paging port, unused phone system trunk input (FXO), or ringing analog station port (FXS)
- Can provide background music from an external source
- 600 Ohm ouput to cascade to additional units
- Use multiple units to drive more self amplified speakers
- Expandable 12 speakers at a time with the Viking model SA-X12 expander/adapter


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