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Veridian Healthcare advanced display blood pressure monitor- Full-

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Veridian Healthcare, Audio/Video/Electronics, General Electronics
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- Veridian Healthcare advanced display blood pressure monitor
- Full-color display includes on-screen instruction and progress/result charts for easy home monitoring
- Clinically accurate device
- Simultaneous systolic, diastolic and pulse results
- Reading results announced aloud in English or Spanish
- 2-person, 30-reading memory recall + Guest Mode
- Date/time stamp and last 3 reading average
- Detailed histograms illustrate reading tracking
- Hypertension Indicator compares measurements to globally accepted World Health Organization standards
- Irregular Heartbeat detection alerts user when an arrhythmia is present during the reading
- Full-color informative digital display
- Fully automatic inflation and deflation controlled by smooth-touch illuminating buttons
- Adjustable volume which can be turned off for privacy during readings
- English and Spanish audio instructions and measurement result announcements
- Automatic memory storage, 2-person/30 readings each bank
- Guest Mode option takes readings without memory storage
- Comfortable, secure wrist cuff and safely latex-free
- Battery powered with automatic shut-off


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