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Do-it-yourself (D.I.Y) easy to use and simple installation- Includ

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MACE GROUP, Observation Equipment, CCD Cameras
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UnitWt: 2.5 lbs.

- Do-it-yourself (D.I.Y) easy to use and simple installation
- Includes one digital wireless camera and a wireless receiver with SD slot
- Integrated digital video recorder, SD memory card not included
- 2.4GHz digital wireless recording system. No video cables required
- Weatherproof (IP54) CMOS color camera for outdoor and indoor applications
- Increased range of transmission up to 200ft between walls and up to 490ft clear line of sight
- No Wi-Fi interference; no interference from crowded analog 900MHz/2.4GHz/5.8GHz/6.0GHz devices
- Secure signal: neighbors cannot pick up the signal or listen in
- Camera with built-in infrared LEDs for night vision up to 30ft (B/W)
- Built-in microphone for audible recording up to 30ft away
- Motion detection and manual recording with optional video or picture selection
- Auto overwrite function when SD card is full
- Records 15-second video clip per motion detection in MP4 format and list file names by date, time, and CH number
- With a 32GB SD, DigiairWatch records up to 65 hours in single full screen or 260 hours in Quad mode
- Audio and video output RCA interfaces from receiver to monitor for display
- Upgradable by adding up to 4 total digital wireless cameras- Records 1 channel or all 4 channels at the same time (in Quad mode)
- Single channel full screen, auto sequential rotation or Quad view display
- Playback directly from the receiver or PC via SD card reader with any MP4 player software
- Infrared filtered camera for best vibrant color picture

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