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Grey- iPod/iPhone/iPad- 4 Watt RMS- Clock dock-

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UnitWt: 2.425 lbs.

- Grey
- iPod/iPhone/iPad
- 4 Watt RMS
- Clock dock
- Rich omni-directional sound to fill your bedroom
- Neodymium speakers for pure balanced sound
- Shielding technology to block mobile phone interference
- Design fit for iPod/iPhone/iPad
- Dock any iPhone/iPod, even in its case
- Auto clock synchronization with iPod, iPhone, iPad when docked
- Dedicated app available on the App Store for more functions (Fidelio)
- 360-degree and compact design to fit on any bedside table
- Soft glow night light with dimmer option
- charge your second iPhone/iPod or other mobile device via USB


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