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Full body, full motion turkey decoy- Any good turkey hunter knows

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- Full body, full motion turkey decoy
- Any good turkey hunter knows how well turkeys see motion - use that for you instead of against you
- Not only attract game, but also diverts attention AWAY from the hunter
- Specially designed, realistic full body decoy that has real turkey motion, not just a raising and lowering fan
- Configured in the Jake style, in the off position, the tail is both down and collapsed
- Remote controlled up to 150 ft.
- Raises its tail and fans it while simultaneously turning its body, just like real gobblers do!
- Operates on 4 AA batteries (not included), mounts on a 2ft. (when assembled) steel-mounting stake, which stores inside decoy
- The most realistic turkey decoy ever invented
- Comes with Blaze orange SAFETY carry bag with straps

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