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BTS Cordless WHITE- Panasonic BTS cordless- For use wi

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Panasonic Business Telephones, BTS Equipment, Panasonic Equipment
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BTS Cordless WHITE

- Panasonic BTS cordless
- For use with Panasonic telephone systems
- 2.4GHz
- Digital frequency hopping spread spectrum
- 12 CO Line capability
- 6-Line multifunctional backlit LCD readout
- Speakerphone withauto answer
- Caller ID compatible
- Headset jack
- Belt clip
- Message waiting indication
- Vibrating or ringer signal
- White
- Will NOT work with TD7885 or TD7895
-Maximum of 4 per system


NOTEfor the KX-TD7896, TD7895, TD7885:
When installing on a TDA system it is important to remember that phones are exactly like the 7700 series phones,only packed into a portable handheld cordless unit. That means you can only put these cordless units on a TDA50/100/200 extension cards that will accept the 7700 series phones. It is also very important for you to rememeber that Pansonic only supports 3 of the TD7895 or TD7896 on any one system at a time. They will create line noise upon eachother because they are Digital Spread Spectrum. Youcan put up to 15 of the T7885 cordless on any onesystem because these are not as powerful.

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