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Panasonic Main Control ShelfDigital Super Hybrid Telephone Sys

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Panasonic Main Control Shelf

Digital Super Hybrid Telephone System

* Allows you to expandfrom 8 phones and 8 lines to as many as 448 extensions and 192 CO lines by adding expansion cards
* 512 ports maximum
* Modular Design
* Universal Ports and Card Slots
* Enhanced Caller ID(1) Compatibility displays the incoming caller's phone number, or name and number, when used with aPanasonic system display phone
* Toll Restriction
* Automatic Route Selection
* Uniform CallDistribution
* Direct Inward System Access (DISA)
* Call Forwarding
* System Speed Dialing
* Account Codes
* Flexible CO Line Buttons on each phone in the system can be individually
programmed to suit the needs of each employee
* Extra Device Port (XDP)
* Integrates with Panasonic Voice Processing Systems
* Dimensions: 18 5/8"H x 19 31/32"W x 9 3/4"D

(1) Requires subscription to call identification service offeredby certain telephone companies for a fee.

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