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Cortelco analog terminal adapter- SIP standardization deployed thr

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- Cortelco analog terminal adapter
- SIP standardization deployed throughout
- Two Voice Ports (RJ-11) support traditional analog touch tone telephones (corded or cordless) or fax machines
- One Network Port (RJ-45) for connecting to broadband digital subscriber line (DSL), cable modem or wireless networks
- One PC Port (RJ-45) for connecting to a Personal Computer
- One Line-In Port (RJ-11) for connecting to the PSTN (if available)
- Call switching between VoIP and PSTN calls
- Supports Caller ID/Name display or block, Hold, Call Waiting/Flash, Call Transfer, Call Forward, in-band/out-of-band/SIP INFO DTMF, Dial Plans, etc
- Supports 3-way conferencing
- PSTN line default in case of power failure


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