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Color changing LCD- Four colors (blue, green, amber, red) with col

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SDI TECHNOLOGIES, Audio/Video/Electronics, General Electronics
UPC: 047532898996

UnitWt: 0.95 lbs.

- Color changing LCD
- Four colors (blue, green, amber, red) with color fade and single color mode
- Supplied cable for charging speakers and connecting to audio source
- 2 -in-1 cable has a USB plug for charging speaker and audio plugs for connecting to audio source-- you can charge speaker while listening
- Vacuum bass design provides surprising volume and bass response in a small space-saving stereo speaker system that fits in your hand
- Built-in rechargeable battery
- Long-lasting internal lithium ion battery gives speakers plenty of power
- Collapsible speakers for ultimate portability
- Twist speakers to expand, use two speakers for stereo or a single speaker for mono
- Convenient carry pouch
- Though they fit in the palm of your hand, itís nice to have the convenience of a carry pouch
- Power and charging LED indicators
- Mini speakers for any audio source
- Speakers work with any 3.5 mm headphone jack, perfect for laptops, cell phones, portable game devices, MP3 players, etc.

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