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System expandable up to 5 handsets total (1 i700E additional handset

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iCreation, Networking, VOIP Phones
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-System expandable up to 5 handsets total (1 i700E additional handset included in bundle)
1.8G/1.9G DECT and 2.4G Bluetooth
Charging cradle for iPhone 3G/3GS/4/4S
Bluetooth connection
Two mobile phone connections possible
Receives and makes landline and cell phone calls
DECT 6.0 cordless technology offers completely secure communication
Hybrid technology allows you to choose either your cellular line or your landline for outgoing calls
Variable ring tones allow your to distinguish between an incoming cellular call and incoming landline call
Up to five handsets can be registered with one base
Adjustable charging cradle
Call switch between the DECT handset and your iPhone
Adjustable voice volume (5 levels)
Full duplex hands-free speakerphone
High definition sound processing
1.8 inch high definition sound processing
Phonebook stores up to 200 names & numbers
Sync mobile phonebook to the landline handset
Call log (30 missed, 30 answered, 20 dialed)
12 polyphonic and three monophonic ring tones
Four ringer volume levels
Three-way conference calling
Call transfer
Call hold
Call duration display
Language options
LCD screen offers adjustable contrast (11 levels)
12 selectable wallpapers
9 selectable background colors

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