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Easy battery charge-Modular Design: Eco-friendly with battery re

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iBattz PTE LIMITED, Telephone Accessories, Batteries
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-Easy battery charge
-Modular Design: Eco-friendly with battery replacement instead of charging the entire battery case. All other lithium ion battery cases have a limited charging lifespan of 300-500 cycles.
-Standard Battery Modules: Uses standard, replacement battery modules, readily available
-Well-rounded protection: Stress absorbing device protection against knocks, drops, and vibrations
-Fast charge: halves you charging time (compared to a standard 500 mAh USB output power)
Package Contents:
-Mojo Vogue removable battery case
-Micro USB charge and sync cable
-Two 1700 mAh I9100 battery modules
-Three color back covers
-Two grooved bumpers - silver and purple
-Quick user guide

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