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Siemens Gigaset Bluetooth gateway- Make and receive mobile calls f

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Siemens Business Comm., Home Office Products, Miscellaneous Home Office Products
UPC: 845306000435

UnitWt: 1 lbs.

- Siemens Gigaset Bluetooth gateway
- Make and receive mobile calls from any phone in the house
- Works with or without a landline
- Operates with all existing corded or cordless phones and Bluetooth enabled mobile phones
- One time, one-touch activation
- Plugs into phone with standard RJ11 connection
- Connect up to three Bluetooth mobile phones
- Distinctive rings for each paired mobile phone
- Supports all current Bluetooth specs
- Upgradeable to future Bluetooth specs
- Displays caller ID using directory name matching (as supported by mobile phone)
- Call waiting between calls using multiple cell phones
- Voice dialing (if supported by mobile phone)
- Works with office PBX or Key Systems
- Cell phone to VoIP bridge supported


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