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Waterproof case with built-in speaker- 3 full range forward firin

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Grace Digital Audio, Outdoors, Feeders, Scouting Cameras and other Hunting Gear
UPC: 893153002836

UnitWt: 2 lbs.

- Waterproof case with built-in speaker
- 3 full range forward firing speaker
- Detachable carabiner clip allows easy transportation while leaving your hands free
- Up to 30hrs Battery Life at average volume levels. Requires 3 AA batteries (batteries not included)
- Uniquely designed exterior pressure release valve ensures your case is water tight but always easy to open at low and high altitudes
- Spacious internal storage compartment can hold your keys, MP3 Player, credit cards, drivers license and cash, while keeping it all safe from sand, sun, and water
- Industrial design includes a platform to vertically stand your case while open or closed
- High impact shock resistant design withstands drops, falls and spills
- Designed to play open or closed to play upright or onside

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