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Lumix Wifi capable digital camera- Great for smartphone connectivi

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- Lumix Wifi capable digital camera
- Great for smartphone connectivity
- The 14.1 megapixel CCD sensor and Venus Engine processes high-quality images in both photo and video recording
- The LUMIX SZ5 integrates Wi-Fi connectivity so that users can enjoy flexible shooting style and instant imaging sharing. The LUMIX SZ5 can be connected directly to a smartphone device by using it as a wireless router, which eliminates the need to of searching for a Wi-Fi hotspot. With the LUMIX LINK application, for iOS/Android smartphone devices, users can utilize remote shooting, which allows them to place the LUMIX SZ5 at a shooting position and monitor what the lens is seeing live from their smartphone device at 30 fps (frames per second). Users also have the ability to zoom, set focus position, shoot and playback images directly from their smartphone screen using the app. Additionally, users can tag location information to images by utilizing the GPS (Global Positioning System) log of a smartphone and share it with their preferred SNS (Social Network Service)
- The LUMIX SZ5 records dynamic HD video in 1280x720 at 30p in MP4*1 format which can be played back directly on a PC or other portable electronics device without the need to convert the file. A dedicated video button allows users to quickly switch between photo mode and video recording
- The new LUMIX SZ5 makes archiving images as simple as charging the camera’s battery. Both photo and video, in their original size, can be archived to registered digital equipment, like a PC or compliant Panasonic AV equipment, automatically via a home’s wireless router when the camera’s battery is being charged, eliminating the need to eject and re-insert the camera’s SD Memory Card or connect the camera to a computer via USB cable.
- Large, 3-inch Intelligent LCD screen with High Angle Mode that automatically adjusts the backlight based on the environment’s lighting
- USB power charging in addition to the conventional AC power supply
- LUMIX Image Uploader

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