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The Ultimate Portable Stereo System and MP3 Player- Black

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Dream Developers, Audio/Video/Electronics, Portable Audio
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The Ultimate Portable Stereo System and MP3 Player

- Black
- The DreamBOX traveler is the ultimate portable stereo system with BIG, BIG, 360 Degree sound.
- Connect your favorite iPod, iPad, iPhone, Tablet PC, Personal Computer or Laptop, or MP3 Player and listen to your music in a rich audio experience.
- If you donít have a music player, donít worry, this is an MP3 Player as well, just download your music to an Micro SD card or any USB Memory card and enjoy your music.
- Built-in as well is a FM tuner so you can tune into your favorite radio station.
- The DreamBOX sports a built-in Lithium-ion battery will provide hours of enjoyment.
- Packaged with a USB charging cable making this an easy device to charge or use as speakers for your computer powered by your computer.
- Featuring a on board EQ equipped with SuperBass no matter what your genre the DreamBOX will amaze you.
- Need to be discreet, connect your favorite headphones and listen without disturbing those around you.

- Micro SD Card Reader
- U Disk Reader
- USB Storage Reader
- SuperBASS
- Small size for ultimate portability
- MP3 Memory Ė Remembers last song played
- Lithium-ion battery
- USB intelligent Charger
- Aux Input to support almost any Stereo Audio Input
- USB Port


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