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2.4GHz Accessory handset and charger- For use with the DMX776/DMX778

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Uniden, Cordless Telephones, 2.4GHz Cordless Telephones
UPC: 050633320327

UnitWt: 1.5 lbs.

- 2.4GHz Accessory handset and charger
- For use with the DMX776/DMX778 systems
- Up to 4 handsets can be used per system
- Caller ID, call waiting caller ID
- Unique caller ID indication (recordable/preset ringer tones, 7 backlight colors, preset picture displays)
- 100# Caller ID memory
- 100# Phonebook names/400# phonebook numbers
- Large, backlit, icon driven LCD
- Recordable ringer tones (audio cable included)
- Soft key menus with joystick navigation
- Battery/clock/date/banner display
- Calendar with programmable reminders
- Handset-to-handset text messaging
- 2-Way radio communication
- Handset speakerphone
- Advanced phonebook with optional group settings
- Sort stored numbers (alphabetical/historic/group/speed dialing)
- 20 Preset ringer options (10 melodies and 10 tones)
- Audio tone and clarity boost settings
- 3-Way conference calling
- Mute/hold/flash
- Banner display (name each handset)
- Transfer memory settings from handset to handset
- Intercom/call transfer betweenhandsets
- Room/baby monitoring
- Last 10 number redial
- Earpiece/ringer volume controls with ringer off option
- Headset compatible (2.5mm plug)
- Unique "slide" feature (phone slides open to reveal keypad)
- Modern and stylish design
- Silver with black trim

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