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Clearsounds DECT 6.0 amplified cordless freedom deluxe phone with extra

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CLEAR SOUNDS, Special Needs Products, Cordless
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UnitWt: 4 lbs.

- Clearsounds DECT 6.0 amplified cordless freedom deluxe phone with extra handset
- ClearDigital Power delivers maximum clarity and background noise suppression
- 125 dB SPL amplification with full range tone control
- Full duplex speakerphone in handset and base
- DECT 6.0 system expandable up to 5 handsets total (expansion handset - A1600E)
- 95 dB adjustable base ringer and 85 dB adjustable handset ringer
- Bright visual ringer on base and handset
- Talking caller ID - speaks name and number of caller (if you have entered a number into the phonebook and have recorded a voice entry, this recording will be announced)
- Talking phonebook - record a name for each phonebook entry
- Talking review - when reviewing the caller ID list, phonebook, or redial list, the information will be spoken
- Talking keypad - number verification for pre-dialing (speaks back through speakerphone) - base and handset
- Name/number caller ID (20 on base and 40 on handset)
- 8 One-touch photo memory dial buttons in base
- 1 One-touch emergency dial button in base
- 4 One-touch memory dial buttons in handset
- Jack for optional vibrating pad offers silent ring signaling (for best results, use a ClearSounds shaker accessory)
- 6 Level ringer vollume control and 10 adjustable ring tones
- Vibrating handset ringer
- Base supports 4 languages: English, French, Spanish & German
- Handset supports 7 languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Turkish, Portuguese
- 2.5mm headset jack & 3.5mm neckloop jack
- Single-line phone expandable up to 5 handsets total (Expansion Handset A1600E)
- Big button easy-to-read backlit keypad
- Last number redial & redial list
- Touch-tone/Pulse dialing
- Hearing Aid Compatible
- Playback through handset or base
- Amplified up to 125 dB SPL through handset
- 15 minutes of digital recording time
- Call Screening/Intercept allows you to listen to
incoming callers leaving a message without answering the call
- Remote Access manage your messages and change your outgoing announcement calling in from any touch-tone phone
- Time/Day Stamp announces the time and day of each message before playback
- Voice prompt messages available in 3 languages: English, French & Spanish
- Message playback speed standard/slower


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