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Panasonic network camera recorder- Use a PC at a distant location

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Panasonic Warranty, Observation Equipment, Network Cameras
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- Panasonic network camera recorder
- Use a PC at a distant location for recording and playing back images with voices captured by the Panasonic IP Network Cameras connected to the LAN or Internet
- Recording of both image and sound - "feel" the ambience that cannot be expressed by images alone
- Permits simultaneous recording of images captured by multiple network cameras
- Equipped with a motion detection recording function which activates recording only when people or other moving objects are detected and a timer recording function which starts and stops recording at specified times. These two functions can be combined so that the motion detection recording function is activated during a specified time period
- Timer recording function allows up to ten settings for each camera, so different recording start and stop schedules can be set for weekdays and weekends
- Recorded images can be searched using conditions such as a preset keyword, recording type, timer recording, and motion-activated recording
- All or part of the retrieved image data can be converted to still image data in the JPEG format
- Converted images can be viewed by using standard image-viewing applications
- Recording capacity limit function lets you set the maximum amount of data to be recorded on the hard disk of the PC for each camera. When the set maximum amount is reached, old recorded data is overwritten by new data, thus allowing the hard disk to be used more effectively
- Now in addition to JPEG format, you can choose MPEG-4 with simultaneous audio recording, allowing the recording of smooth moving images even with limited network speeds
- Equipped with a wealth of new functions, the BB-HNP15 boosts the accuracy of motion detection, lets you customize the operating screens, and converts recorded data to other formats, like Windows Media Player, for easier, more comfortable monitoring
- H.264 support


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