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Impact-Tel 3-in-1 Solar Flightlight FM Radio & Multi-Charger w/4 Connectors USB In/Out Port & Carrying Strap (White)

Product No: 58042

Made In: China

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New, Retail Blister Pack.

Weight: 0.5 lbs., Dimensions: 10.25x6.75x2


Welcome back all you Post-Apocalypse Survivors! It's been awhile since we last spoke, I've been dealing with hordes of mindless zombies and traitorous humans. It hasn't been easy but I managed to pick up an amazing tool that helps, and I know it can help you too.

The Impact-Tel 3-n-1 Solar Multi-Tool, is sure to give you the edge. Super Mobile, Functional and Efficient equipped with a Torchlight, FM Radio and USB Charger! A long lasting Solar Panel ensures a high level of mobility and functionality, truly features that survivors like you and I desire. The USB Charger comes with 4 extra connectors, charging all your devices using the energy of the sun! Resources are low and we have to ensure we can find everything we can, with a FM Radio we can listen in on any and all opportunities for survival. And hey, who can complain about a amazing 5 LED Torchlight that can provide safety with the power of light. And if you're anything like me, in the fact that the apocalypse has made you appreciate the smaller things in life, the carrying strap will bring a survivor smile to your pale and starving face.

Order your Impact-Tel 3-in-1 Solar Multi-Tool today. Be prepared for tomorrow. Good Luck.

  • Impact-Tel 3-in-1 Solar Multi-Tool

  • General Features:
  • White Color
  • Green Technology - Uses Solar Energy
  • Long Lasting Solar Panel
  • FM Radio Receiver
  • LED Battery Indicator
  • 5 LED Powerful Torchlight
  • Charges All Cellphones, iTouch & iPods (Except iPod Shuffle)
  • Carrying Strap

  • Interface:
  • 5V USB Out
  • 5V USB In
  • Charging On/Off Switch
  • Charge LED Indicator
  • Solar LED Indicator

  • Controls:
  • Torchlight On/Off
  • Channel +
  • Channel -
  • Volume +
  • Volume -
  • Radio On/Off

  • Connectors:
  • Nokia Connector
  • Blackberry/HTC/Samsung Connector
  • iPod/iPhone Connector
  • Mini-USB Connector

  • Unit Dimensions:
  • 4.75 x 2.5 x 0.80-Inches (H x W x D)