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Viacad 2D Version 6 - Punch Software

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Category: Graphics & Design - Cad, Drawing & Painting
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Publisher: Punch Software
Packaging: Retail Box
Operating System: Windows: Xp/Vista, Mac 10.4 Or Greater

ViaCAD 2D - Intuitive 2D drafting application with extensive collection of tools for general purpose design or technical illustrations.

Supports automatic creation of 2D views from imported 3D data and shares data with AutoCAD and Adobe Illustrator products

LogiCursor Thinks as you Draw

LogiCursor technology suggests your next move, as you draw.Simple interface with LogiCursor technology aids in visually anticipating your moves, partnering with you in the design process.

LogiCursor automatically identifies and snaps to locations of centers, endpoints, midpoints, tangents, and many more, as you draw! Labels for locations appear on the fly allowing precision alignment in real time.

Even if you know little or nothing about CAD drawing, the ViaCAD÷ toolset is simple to use. LogiCursor technology anticipates your move and shows you a suggested action to complete it. You∆ll quickly be creating professional quality drawings

250+ Tools For Easy Designing
ViaCAD integrates powerful tools for all types of projects...architectural, mechanical, hobbyist, planners ý even school projects can be created and edited easily.

Effortless Cross-Platforming & Compatibility
Share your files among Mac and PC ViaCAD÷ users. Import and export options for popular drafting and drawing formats such as AutoCAD, DWG, Adobe Illustrator, and Punch! Home Design .POB object files.

The Simple Design Solution For Everyone Novice or pro, anyone can create precision drawings quickly and easily!

System Requirements:

Windows PC

  • Windows XP/Vista
  • Intel Pentium or AMD Athlon class processor
  • 2 GB Hard disk space
  • 512 MB Ram or greater
  • Mouse Pointing Device
  • DVD-ROM Drive


  • Mac OS 10.4 or greater
  • 2 GB Hard disk space
  • 512 MB Ram or greater
  • Mouse Pointing Device
  • DVD-ROM Drive

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