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Valkyria Chronicles 2 (Psp)

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Valkyria Chronicles 2 is a tactical role-playing game (RPG) for PlayStation Portable (PSP) set in a fictional European country where players find themselves in the shoes of a band of cadets honor-bound to defend their nation against rebellion. Sequel to the PlayStation 3 hit Valkyria Chronicles, this next chapter in the franchise features a revamped battle system, customizable weapons, 200+ missions, new unit types and 4-player wireless multiplayer options, including co-op.

Join Together to Defeat the Rebel Forces

In Valkyria Chronicles 2 players get to be the hero in a dramatic fight to save your country alongside fellow cadets from Gallia∆s Lancir Military Academy. Two years after the great battle against the Imperial Army, Gallia and its plentiful mineral resources are under attack again Ż this time from the rebel Gallian Revolutionary Army that aims to conquer Gallia's new regime.

The completely revamped Blitz (Battle of Live Tactical Zones) battle system built into Valkyria Chronicles 2 allows players access to more customization options, more military units and hundreds of new missions. Split between an overhead Command Mode and third-person Action Mode, and utilizing command points to direct unit activity, this updated Blitz system provides for the most in-depth Valkyria Chronicles battle experience ever.

Awe-Inspiring Beauty

The breathtaking watercolor look created by the CANVAS graphics engine has been redesigned specifically for this PSP system-exclusive. Venture deep into 30 all-new beautifully rendered battlefield maps and 10 unique environments.

Key Game Features

  • With the revamped, turn-based Blitz (Battle of Live Tactical Zones) battle system, maneuver units from an overhead view and then zoom in to control each individual character in battle from a third-person perspective
  • Customize your weapons, tanks and characters with over three times the options as before
  • Prep 30 new military units for battle
  • Explore through 200+ missions
  • All-new ad hoc wireless 2-4 player multiplayer modes include:
  • Co-op mode - battles for up to four friends
  • Versus mode - fun challenges for friends on-the-go


  • Format:  Sony Playstation Portable
  • Players: 1 payer
  • Memory:  Memory stick duo, 672K minimum
  • Wireless Compatible: 1-4 player

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