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Trinity Universe Ps3

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Category: Video Games - Playstation 3 Game
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Publisher: Nis America
Packaging: Video Game
Operating System: Playstation 3
Rating: Teen

In the vein of "Cross Edge", Trinity Universe combines the Atelier and Disgaea universes into a massive RPG mashup.Two different scenarios. A "Goddess" side featuring Gust characters and a "Demon Lord" scenario with NIS stars.

The first time popular Disgaea characters Etna, Flonne and Prinny are presented in full 3D. Fully customize your character and weapons. Depending on how you decorate it the ability and strength will change. Combat skills are assigned to three different action buttons. Input a set sequence to deal more damage. Magic blasts, weapon strikes, and ground shaking blows can be performed by one champion or by the entire team. Time is also an important element in Trinity Universe. Players have to destroy a gravitation field and escape a dungeon before time runs out.

Key Features:

  • Beautifully cell shaded characters breathe and move like you see in anime!
  • Pull off spectacular combo attacks like you would in 3D fighting games! Players are no longer restricted to the boring attack, magic, and item optons.
  • Players can freely change the skin of their weapons to change their stats and appearance. It's as simple as changing the wallpaper on your PC!


  • Platform:  Playstation 3
  • Format:  PAL (this is region free so it will work on NTSC and PAL systems)
  • Player:  1 player
  • HDD: 510 MB minimum
  • Video:  720p, 1080i, 1080p

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