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Rome Total War Barbarian Invasion Exp

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With this official expansion pack to the award-winning Rome: Total War, the action takes place 350 years later when the Roman Empire is beset by enemies inside and out. The year is 363 A.D., and the Roman Empire has split into two parts ruled from the cities of Rome and Constantinople. Barbarian tribes are massing on the Imperial frontiers and there are many, many challenges for a Roman to face--and some may be almost unbeatable!


  • New factions, generals, maps, battle conditions, and more!
  • 10 brand-new playable factions--each with unique strategic options and exclusive units for their armies.
  • Featuring both the Eastern and Western Roman Empires.
  • Huns--a new breed of warrior who live in the saddle.
  • Vandals--their name is still a byword for wanton destruction!
  • Saxons--invaders expanding westward to conquer the rich province of Britannia.
  • Franks--the "free men".

System Requirements:

** note - requires Rome Total War to play ***

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