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Hardy Boys - Treasure On The Tracks Nds

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Operating System: Nintendo Ds
Rating: Everyone

Ride the Rails to Royalty and Treasure in Russia! You, as the Hardy Boys, are invited onboard the Royal Express traveling from Paris to St Petersburg to follow the mysterious trail of the Romanov Family treasure. Take a ride on the Royal Express to track down the lost clues of the Royal family in the great cities of Europe! THE HARDY BOYS Famed amateur detectives, the team consists of Frank and Joe Hardy. Joe is easily excitable and more spontaneous while Frank prefers to calculate a method of solving the mystery and relies mostly on logic. Together they need to discover what others before them have failed to find.


  • Play as both the Hardy Boys and a mysterious female spy
  • Track down clues hidden in paintings
  • Explore Paris, St. Petersburg, Warsaw, Vienna, and Prague
  • Solve puzzles and play fun mini-games


  • Platform:  Nintendo DS

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