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Sims 2: Best Of Business Collection

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Operating System: Windows Xp/Vista
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Brush up your trading skills with The Sims 2: Best of Business Collection video game designed for your PC. Open up new and unique business like electronic store, salon, bakeries, etc. and be the boss, reward best employees, fire the bad ones in ąOpen for Businessą option in this PC video game.

Style the interiors of kitchen and bathroom in the ąKitchen and Bath Interior Design stuffą of this compilation game.

With the ąH & M Fashion Stuffą, you can design clothes, walk on the ramp ,etc, in The Sims 2: Best of Business Collection. This PC video game offers 265 items to play and explore with.

This compilation game needs Windows as operating system to work on. So build up new business, be the creator, learn new trade tricks with The Sims 2: Best of Business Collection video game.

Packs Included:

The Sims 2 Open for Business:

Set your Sims up in their own businesses. Build trendy boutiques, bustling bakeries, hip salons, thriving cafes and countless other businesses. Hire a staff to stock the shop and sell goods to a variety of customers. Will they build the favorite neighborhood shop or the next entrepreneurial empire? The SimsÍ 2 Open For Business is loaded with over 125 new objects to help your Sims get down to business.

Game Features

  • The third expansion pack for The Sims 2
  • Turn your Sims' skills and hobbies into careers - even children can run a business!
  • Cultivate an audience for your wares, from window shoppers to niche markets
  • 125 new items to decorate your Sim's house or business
  • A new radio station featuring famous bands singing in "Simlish"

The Sims 2 H&M Fashion Stuff:

The popular European fashion retailer that is taking the US by storm with its trendsetting contemporary fashions is now coming to The Sims 2! Your Sims can choose from cutting-edge menĂs and womenĂs clothing including dresses, jeans, and other outfits, complete with accessories¨all inspired by real H&M designs. They can also design their own H&M store environment with retail dTcor items including mannequins, clothing racks, cash registers, and a fitting room. Then your Sims can showcase their up-to-the minute clothing line with a fashion show, complete with fashion runway. Update your SimsĂ wardrobes, design fun and trendy H&M stores, and let them put their fashion foot forward on the fashion runway!


  • Find Your Summer Look¨Dress your Sim in a stylish ensemble showcasing the vibrant colors that are all the rage this season! Then complete your SimĂs look with coordinated accessories.
  • The Go-To Place for Hot New Trends¨Design your own H&M retail environment, or use new store-themed items to build an intimate H&M boutique for more sophisticated citizens.
  • Spotlight the Top Fashions¨Design a runway and host a couture show featuring all of your favorite H&M styles.

Dress your Sims to impress

  • For Her¨Cool and casual Capri pants paired with a breezy tank and strappy sandals take your Sims from poolside to lunch date with ease and style.
  • For Him¨Your Sims are ready to roll in cuffed black denim and a chocolate brown buttondown shirt. Complete the look with trendy canvas sneakers and a stylish tie.
  • For the Shop¨Showcase your SimsĂ H&M fashions with focused retail lighting and this red-striped drape as a simple backdrop.

The Sims 2: Kitchen & Bath Stuff:

Electronic Arts continues to release solid expansions for the ever popular Sims series and Kitchens and Bathrooms is definitely no exception. Redesign your SimsĂ essential living areas into the most luxurious of spaces. Transform the bathroom into a romantic getaway with charming claw-foot bathtubs and calming lighting fixtures or give it a contemporary twist with beautiful glass showers, basin sinks, and more. Renovate your SimsĂ home and really begin to class up their lives with tons of different appliances and clothing to choose from.

Redesign your kitchen as you upgrade it with sleek appliances on granite counter tops or romantic natural wood cabinets next to wrought iron stoves. Outfit your Sims in the perfect clothes and accessories to enjoy their lavish new rooms, from sumptuous spa robes to designer cooking aprons. Be your SimsĂ personal interior designer! Give them the kitchens and bathrooms of their dreams with a variety of new furniture, dTcor, and outfits! With Kitchen & Bath Design Stuff your Sim life will have even more options available with the incredibly popular franchise.

Game Features:

  • Outfit your Sims¨ Give your Sims the right attire and accessories to enjoy their brand-new kitchens and bathrooms including a hair turban, spa mask, cooking aprons and luxuriant cashmere pullovers for around the house.
  • Contemporary Appliances¨ Update your SimsĂ kitchen with that sleek new look youĂve been dreaming about with a stylish refrigerator, food processor, toaster oven, and more.
  • Charming Kitchens¨ Renovate the kitchen into the warmest room in the house with romantic touches including new themed wallpaper, wood-carved counters, and ceiling-mounted hanging pot racks.
  • Modern Bath Designs¨ Make your SimsĂ bath time a modern experience with contemporary design options such as elegant sectional mirrors, quad-quadrant ceiling lighting with a modern flair, and graceful counter top basin sinks.
  • Bathroom of your Dreams¨ Indulge your Sims in a romantic bathroom complete with cozy new tiles, fancy towel racks, romantic paintings, designer rugs, and much more.

System Requirements:

  • Requires Full version of Sims 2 to play
  • Windows XP/Vista
  • Processor: 1.8 GHz for XP, 2.4 GHz for Vista
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Hard Drive: 3.0 GB free hard disc space
  • Optical Drive: DVD-ROM drive required
  • Video Card: 64 MB video card

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