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Pes 2009 Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 (Ps3)

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 for PlayStation 3 by Konami is a greate update to the award-winning soccer series, with new additions, smarter AI, and better graphics for a more realistic game than ever before. With exclusive rights to the UEFA Champions League, this game will let you play as and against your favorite UEFA players and teams.

Exclusive UEFA Champions League License
New to the Pro Evolution Soccer series is an exclusive UEFA Champions League license. The UEFA Champions League is Europe's greatest club competition, and the license means the game will have all the elements and attributes of the Champion League Competition. The Ligue 1 Orange and Eredivisie are both fully licensed, and the England League (Premier League), Italian League (Serie A) and Spanish League (La Liga) are partially licensed. Manchester United and Liverpool are the licensed English clubs in Pro Evolution Soccer 2009.

The UEFA Champions League mode is given a new television-style presentation, where you get dramatic camera angles on replays, videos, and banner ads. Along with the official team names, upgraded graphics, and more life-like player movements, others watching you play might mistake the video game for an actual game on TV.

Become a Legend with New gameplay Mode
The new Become a Legend mode lets you create a player from scratch and focus on the individual player rather than a team. The game lets you customize the player down to the smallest detail, including his free kick run-up and celebration routine. If you use a supported camera, you can even put your face on the player and create team emblems. After you've created your character, the more your play, the more he improves.

After you have a legend you're satisfied with, you can export him to an online legends game with four other players, where you team up and play against computer teams.

Realistic Ball Movement
Balls now move around more realistically thanks to adjustments for friction, air resistance, backspin, and more. This allows for new strategies and techniques such as lifting balls over defenders legs and doing tee shots. Improvements have also been made in passing and the reactions of your teammates. The upshot is a game that looks and plays more like real life.

Play With and Against Friends Online
In addition to the Legend online mode, you can also challenge your friend to a 1-on-1 match. If your friends aren't online, there is also a quickmatch option that pairs you to a random online player.

With its exclusive UEFA Champions League license and updated ball movement and graphics, Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 will have soccer fans cheering.


  • Platform:  PlayStation 3
  • Format: PAL (region free, will work on NTSC and PAL systems)
  • Players: 1-7 players
  • HDD: 3942 KB Minimum
  • Video: HD 720p
  • Network Players: 2-4

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