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Adventures Of Robinson Crusoe

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UPC: 5016488121965
Category: Games & Entertainment - Games - Puzzle Solving / Hidden Object
Unit Weight: 0.45 lbs.
Publisher: Egames
Packaging: Dvd Style Box
Operating System: Windows 98/Xp/Vista
Rating: Everyone

Inspired by Daniel Defoe∆s classic masterpiece, Robinson Crusoe is a story of a man who survives a terrible storm at sea and finds himself cast away on a remote island in the Caribbean.

In this incredible hidden-object adventure that spans over 28 years, help Robinson explore the island, fight with cannibals, visit a lost village and construct a boat to sail back home!


  • Play through 31 unique levels
  • Explore 36 desolate island locations
  • Choose from 2 game modes to play in Ż Relaxed and Survivor Mode
  • Find a lost village and recover an ancient sail map which details the path to the way back home

System Requirements

  • Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 compatible (32-bit compatible only)
  • CPU 1.0 GHz
  • 256MB RAM
  • DirectX 9.0C or later
  • DirectX 9 compatible soundcard

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