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Sins Of A Solar Empire

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Assume ultimate control over one of three galactic powers: an ancient civilization running from a terror of their own creation, a loose coalition of traders forced to annex their own people, or an exiled empire of powerful psionics bent on revenge. Through diplomacy, economic skill, cultural influence, strategic brilliance and sheer military might, their fate is in your hands.

Explore and Conquer Star System:

  • Amass and command epic fleets
  • Discover space anomalies and artefacts
  • Fortify and develop key planets
  • Visit distant star systems

Build a Thriving Empire:

  • Master culture, diplomacy and trade
  • Forge alliances and declare bounties
  • Research advanced technologies
  • Customise mighty capital ships

Dominate in Real-Time:

  • Smoothly zoom from metres to light years
  • Compete online in stunning multiplayer
  • Dangerously addictive, original and hugely playable

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