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Microsoft Flight Simulator X Gold

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Category: Games & Entertainment - Games - Simulation
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Publisher: Microsoft
Packaging: Dvd Style Box
Operating System: Windows Xp/Vista
Rating: Everyone

Strap yourself into the cockpit and get ready for the astonishing authenticity that only the Flight Simulator series can deliver. Flight Simulator X Gold Edition combines Flight Simulator X and the Flight Simulator X: Acceleration expansion pack for extended flight time in the boundless skies. Complete 80 challenging missions that will take you to far-flung corners of the globe as advanced DX10 graphics bring the world of flight to dazzling life before your eyes.

Test your nerves, your reflexes and your judgment as you settle into the pilot's seat for an array of aerial adventures. Flight Simulator X Gold Edition invites you to embark on 20 new missions in locations as disparate as the Rockies and the Congo. Act as a heroic rescuer, engage in mind-blowing astronautic experiments or push your plane to the limits in intense racing action. As you soar high above the ground, the world below you teems with life, from bustling cities to minute airport operation details. Compete against your friends in fast-paced online racing challenges as you put your skills to the test and see if you have what it takes to achieve victory in the wild blue yonder.


  • Contains both Flight Simulator X and the Flight Simulator X: Acceleration expansion pack
  • Put yourself in the pilot's seat and prepare to be amazed by the stunning realism of the advanced DX10 graphics
  • Fly more than 80 missions, including 20 brand-new missions in law enforcement and rescue, astronautics, racing and back country, and in locations ranging from the forest fire-plagued Rockies to a Congo in need of your cargo of relief supplies
  • Experience a dazzling and dynamic world that moves and changes around you, including changing seasons and shifts from day to night that increase the challenge of landing at your local airport
  • Race against your friends in multiplayer online challenges that include Red Bull Aerobatics, Sailplane, Cross Country and Reno High Speed

System Requirements:

  • PC Processor Speed:  2GHz
  • PC Operating System:  Windows XP, Windows Vista
  • PC System Memory:  1GB RAM
  • PC Hard Drive Space:  15GB
  • PC Video:  128MB DirectX-compatible video card with Shader 1.1 or higher
  • PC Sound Card:  DirectX-compatible sound card
  • DVD-ROM drive
  • PC Additional Requirements:  Internet service required to access online features

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