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Fantasy Wars

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Category: Games & Entertainment - Games - Strategy
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Publisher: Focus Multimedia
Packaging: Dvd Style Box
Operating System: Windows Xp/Vista/Windows 7
Rating: Teen

Thrown into a titanic war between Orcs, Humans, Elves and Dwarves, you will need to prove yourself to be a tactical master to protect your territories and conquer new lands. Create a powerful army, improve the combat skills of your soldiers, search for magic artefacts and use crushing spells to defeat your foes. As the clouds of war clear from the battlefield, only a true hero will emerge victorious.


  • Experience all the depth and intricacy of turn-by-turn strategy with the added dimension of role play for innovative gameplay.
  • Play on a giant ˘chessboard÷: the entire map is your battlefield so think before you move and anticipate the actions of your opponents!
  • Take part in epic battles with over 500 combatants on screen for a totally immersive experience.
  • Choose from 9 different armies and over 70 land and air units each with its own characteristics and experience.
  • Enter a visually impressive 3D heroic fantasy universe.
  • Challenge your friends in multiplayer mode with up to four players via LAN, internet or Hotseat.

System Requirements:

  • PC Operating System: Windows XP (Service Pack 2) / Vista / Windows 7
  • PC CPU Type and Speed: Pentium IV 1.5GHz or equivalent
  • Hard Drive Space (MB): 3GB
  • Memory: 512MB
  • Graphics: 64MB NVidia GeForce FX5700 or higher / 64MB ATI Radeon 9600 or higher *
    Audio: Any sound card
  • Multiplayer: Yes, over local network or turn based

Extra Info: * Laptop versions of these chipsets may work but are not supported. Integrated chipsets are not supported.

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