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Matrix - Path Of Neo (Xbox)

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Operating System: Xbox (Ntsc Only)
Rating: Teen

Experience the Matrix universe like never before. Finally play as Neo himself in this groundbreaking action game written and directed by the Wachowski brothers. The story itself follows the events of the entire Matrix Trilogy, but this time, the fate of Zion lies in your hands. Dodge bullets, fly, run on walls, and read code as Matrix physics come to life in this interactive blockbuster that puts YOU on the Path of Neo.

Set in the Matrix universe, The Matrix: Path Of Neo will enable players to actually play as "Neo," the central character, and relive his most important and memorable scenarios from the complete film trilogy, including the original film.

Throughout the game, the path the player takes to resolve each scenario and the resulting consequences will be scripted and directed by the Wachowski Brothers. The likenesses of all of the films' key actors - including Keanu Reeves ("Neo"), Laurence Fishburne ("Morpheus"), Carrie-Ann Moss ("Trinity), and Hugo Weaving ("Agent Smith") will be featured in The Matrix: Path Of Neo, which will also include footage from all three feature films, as well as The Animatrix.


  • Read code, fly, run and jump off walls
  • Dodge bullets and master the martial arts
  • Experience in-game Matrix physics like slow motion and rotating camera angles
  • Take on the machines with Trinity by your side


  • Format:  NTSC ONLY, will not work on PAL consoles
  • 1 Player

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