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Football (Soccer) Manager 2007

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Operating System: Windows 98/Me/2000/Xp
Rating: Everyone

Football (Soccer) Manager 2007, the most complete sport's simulation, is fully updated for the 2006 - 07 season with the most accurate and in-depth soccer database in the world. Take full control and manage teams from many different countries with every decision up to you. Challenge yourself and start thinking like a manager when dealing with team tactics, player interaction, and finances. The players, team, and your reputation are in your hands in Football Manager 2007

Feeder Clubs - Brand new to Football Manager 2007, and one of the most requested features on Sports Interactive's forums has been the addition of feeder clubs to the game. This new addition works in all the ways you would expect it to in real life. You can establish your club as the small team who receives loan players from a larger club or a large club looking for support getting your youngsters match experience by loaning them out. Have the first option on players from clubs, and schedule pre-arranged friendlies each season by simply asking your board for a feeder relationship and choose from the list they compile.

Youth Revamp - A complete revamp of youth teams sees full youth squads for each team that has a youth set-up, thus giving a much better system for the regeneration of players in the long term game.

User Friendly Football Manager 2007 gives players a new easier to use default skin, along with hints and tips throughout the game, and an improved tutorial. In addition to better feedback from your assistant manager and scouts as well as lots more media, customization and multiple row selection, all this adds up to the most user friendly Sports Interactive game ever.

Scouting Revamp - A complete revamp of the scouting system inside the game leads to more information about players and teams being made available to managers, as well as a more realistic methodology for player scouting. This system allows scouts to grow and improve their knowledge-base of the world's football players.

Player Interaction - You can now talk to any player in the world via the media. Player interaction allows you to tap up other teams stars or see if players will buckle under the pressure. An effective manager must use the media as a motivational tool - why not praise your own players in many different ways or shout at them for loss of form?

Team Talks - For more varied ways to talk to your team, SI have worked hard to deliver vastly improved team talks at half and full time. Not only this, but pre-match team talks will now be making their first appearance in Football Manager - so you can send your team out onto the pitch with a specific briefing.

PC System Requirements:

  • Windows 98SE/2000/XP,
  • P3 800 MHz processor,
  • 128 MB RAM,
  • 100% DirectX 8.1 compatible sound card,
  • 4x CD ROM drive,
  • 1024x768 32bit color display,
  • 650 MB free hard drive space,
  • Microsoft compatible keyboard and mouse.

Mac System Requirements:


  • PowerPC G4 1GHz,
  • Mac OS 10.3.9, 2
  • 56 MB RAM.

Mac Pro/MacBook:

  • Intel Core Duo,
  • 1.8GHz,
  • Mac OS 10.4.4,
  • 256 MB RAM.

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