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Emergency Fire Fighter

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UPC: 798936835154
Category: Games & Entertainment - Games - Strategy
Unit Weight: 0.35 lbs.
Publisher: Adrenal Rush Games
Packaging: Jewel Case
Operating System: Windows 98/Xp/Vista
Rating: Everyone

Feel the burn! Plunge into the thrilling and terrifying world of firefighting! Surrounded by exploding gas tanks, lethal toxins and more, you must battle your way through raging infernos to rescue innocent people trapped in the flames. The only question is, can you handle this heat?


  • Realistic missions
  • Choice of several unique characters
  • Incredible graphics and huge levels
  • Authentic firefighter techniques and tools
  • Polymetric smoke and fire effects
  • Easy control system

System Requirements for Windows

  • Windows Vista, XP, 98
  • Pentium III 1.5 GHz or faster processor
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 500 MB free hard disk space
  • DirectX 9.0 or higher
  • 32 MB DirectX-compatible video card
  • DirectX-compatible sound card and speakers
  • 640x480 monitor, 16-bit color
  • 4X CD-ROM drive

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