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Nancy Drew - Curse Of Blackmoor Manor

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Operating System: Windows 98/Me/2000/Xp
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Gather up your Courage to Confront the Myths of Blackmoor Manor! All is not well in Blackmoor Manor, a Fourteenth Century English mansion haunted by a tragic past. You, as Nancy Drew, embark on your first international adventure to visit Linda Penvellyn, your neighbor's daughter and newlywed wife of a British diplomat. A mysterious malady keeps Linda hidden behind thick bed curtains. Is she hiding from something or someone, or is a more menacing threat stalking her? Face your fears to find the truth!

Enter these gates at your own risk. Townsfolk whisper tales of beasts, warriors, witches, explorers and astronomers, but no one can explain why newlywed Linda Penvellyn hides from all. Is it a curse or a conspiracy?

Take heed; someone or something is threatening Blackmoor ManorĂs newest resident, and you might be next on the list.

The hopes and fears of hundreds of years echo through the Great Hall of Blackmoor Manor. For nearly a millennium the Penvellyns have called this place home, but few of these eclectic inhabitants found happy endings.

Every nook and cranny of this ancient mansion holds reminders of those who have gone before, alongside clues left by modern-day residents.


Blackmoor Manor is a centuries-old mansion located in the moors of England. It is the ancestral home to the Penvellyn family, an old, eclectic family with a long history of fascinating ancestors.

Heraldry, astronomy, and alchemy have fascinated generations of Penvellyns. You must look to the past for clues to the future.

Beauty and whimsy are everywhere in this huge estate, but be wary; all is not what it seems.


  • Over 25 hours of spellbinding game play.
  • The scariest and most challenging Nancy Drew title so far!
  • Enhanced challenges with two difficulty settings.
  • Suspects move, sleep and interact according to game time schedules.
  • Expanded game window for immersive play!
  • In-game cellular phone dials up hints and web searches.
  • Forgiving "Second Chance" option erases blunders and rookie mistakes.
  • Game format makes it easy to play alone or with friends and family

Who: HereĂs who you'll meet at Blackmoor Manor

Nigel Mookerjee
A historian currently researching and cataloguing the Blackmoor Manor library. Nigel is interested in writing a history of the Penvellyn family. Could he be the one who can help find the key to unlocking the past? But whatĂs really behind his keen interest in the manor and its quirky inhabitants?

Ethel Bosinny
Ethel is Jane's tutor and comes from a long line of tutors to the Penvellyn Clan. She is very mysterious; her oh-so-charming demeanor has an edge that hints at something deeper. Is there something painful in her past, or is she hiding a secret that could help you to unravel the rash of unsettling events at Blackmoor Manor?
Mrs. Drake
Great Aunt to Jane and housekeeper of Blackmoor Manor. She puts up a no nonsense attitude and is truly confounded and frustrated with the recent spate of events. Outwardly she Špooh poohsĂ the issue of curses and witches, but she is superstitious herself.

Linda Penvellyn
Linda recently married Hugh Penvellyn and recently moved from America to Blackmoor Manor, his ancestral home. She now refuses to let anyone see her face ű even Nancy. She says there are some doors that should never be opened. Do you dare?

Friend or foe? Loulou is a very extroverted parrot and seems to possess an abundance of knowledge. She loves to talk ű she is a parrot after all -- and she speaks in words and phrases that are very sophisticated for a family pet. How many treats would convince Loulou to continue squawking?

System Requirements:

  • Windows 98/Me/2000/XP
  • 400Mhz Pentium
  • 64MB RAM
  • 300 MB hard drive space
  • 16-bit color graphics video card with at least 16MB of VRAM
  • 16-bit Window-compatible stereo sound card
  • 12X CD ROM
  • Mouse and Speakers.

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